1. What is the PURPOSE of LeJourney?
      LeJourney was created with the core purpose of making learning more effective through better connection between the learner and the education provider.
  2. Who created this program?
      LeJourney is a platform powered by Edallianz, a technology startup. Created by a group of passionate professionals, their goal was to make a difference in the education sector. You can contact them through http://edallianz.com
  3. What can LeJourney do for me?
      LeJourney can enable the learner or the parent of the learner to find the best education programs or services at his or her convenience. They can either let the system shortlist the best program for them using LEJ’s questionnaire – 5 simple questions that are crafted based on the famous – Philosophy of 7 Multiple Intelligences by Prof Howard Gardner of Harvard University, or they can choose to bypass the questionnaire and personally select the program they desire.
  4. What is the LEJ Choice is based on?
      The LEJ choice merely provides a guide to help learners to find out their style of learning. At the present moment, there are many schools using Prof Howard’s theory to design and craft their curriculum and learning corners. According to this theory, we are all able to know the world through language, logical-mathematical analysis, spatial representation, musical thinking, and the use of the body to solve problems and create things. Through these, we can better understand ourselves, as well as others.
    1. The strength of these intelligences differ for every individual and therefore, are also different in carrying out different tasks, solving diverse problems, and progressing in different areas.
  5. What are learning styles?
      There are various different types of learning styles – Verbal/Linguistic, Logical/Mathematical, Visual/Spatial, Bodily/Kinaesthetic, Naturalistic, Musical, Interpersonal and The Solitary (Intrapersonal).
  6. How can I interpret the learning profiling bar chart?
      The bar chart represents a relative comparison of your child’s learning inclination to the other intelligences.
  7. Do I need to keep profiling the learner?
      No, you need not, but we do recommend that you do it once in awhile as your child grows. The mechanism is intelligent enough to capture the scoring as you go along – the more accurate you are in answering the question, the more accurate the profiling will be.
    1. We are constantly working hard to make the app as user-friendly as possible, as well as to add in features that will benefit the user so do keep your app updated for the latest and newest features.
  8. Can I get my friend to join LeJourney as a member?
      Yes, of course. We currently have a referral program in place – The referrer and the referee each gets additional 15 eCredits upon successful referent. These points can be used to offset any programs enrolled through LeJourney.
  9. My friend is a freelance education provider, can I recommend him to LeJourney?
      All education providers are welcome at LeJourney. Same with the LeJourney membership program, for each successful education partner referrals, we award special 15eCredits once your referee successfully enrols a student into his/her class.
  10. What are eCredits?
      eCredit is LeJourney’s reward system that rewards your interaction with the course provider. You can earn eCredit by booking new courses, giving comments and/or feedback using on our app. We also regularly award our members with eCredits on our social media and via games so do keep a lookout via our Facebook!
  11. Can I use the eCredits to offset my purchase?
      Yes of course! These eCredits can be used to offset your course fees. Please note that you are required to enter the amount of eCredits you wish to use in the payment section.
  12. What are you cancellation terms after a class is booked?
      A full refund will be considered in the following scenarios only:
      • Cancellation has to be received a minimum of 30 days before the start date of the program
      • For cancelation received within 13 to 29 days from the program start date, the cancelation notice must receive within the first 24 hours on the day of your booking.
    1. Please note the following definitions:
    1. Start date – Original start date of the course or program that was booked for. Any postponement arranged by yourself or the provider shall not be considered as part of the cancellation terms.
    1. A cancellation notice is always accompanied with an acknowledgement – LeJourney always sends a confirmation of cancellation via email.
  13. Is my data secure?
      Yes, your data security is of utmost importance to us. If your data is not secured, it is not private. Our company employs encryption services to ensure that your data is kept private at all times. Encryption brings a higher level of security and privacy to our services. Therefore, when you send in an order, chat or store any photos, these data moves between your device, our platform and our data centers. We protect this data with multiple layers of security, including leading encryption technology like HTTPS and Transport Layer Security.