KidsAwesome Museum Taipei: Bringing Out The Adventurer In Every Child

Ever seen a museum that is 100% designed for kids to experience and explore?

KidsAwesome Museum, the only exclusive Children’s Museum in Taiwan, has 13 planned genres of theme exhibitions for children based on the combination of local Taiwanese culture and the idea of American hands-on children’s museums. Children will be venturing on a learning journey by interacting with the multi-disciplinary exhibitions in the museum.


13 Themed Exhibitions,
∞ Playing Experience

KidsAwesome Museum operates under the objective of “bringing out the adventurer and learner in every child”. Designed with 13 differently themed exhibitions in the space of 1300 square meters, the museum hopes to provide children with the most holistic learning environment and the most interesting playing experience. 

Physical Activities

(Kids can satisfy their need for speed at the zip lines!)

The dynamic physical activity area in Basement 1 provides children with fun and exciting installations to test their physical limits. Children can challenge themselves to conquer a three-story-high climber rack modeled to resemble the famous Taipei 101. The climber rack encourages kids to utilize all their muscles and generate climbing strategies based on the design of the structure. With every distance conquered, the surrounding interior and lighting changes, bringing more enjoyment to the climbing experience. By the end of the eight-meter climb to the top, kids would have their motor skills and perseverance strengthened!

If your child is not a fan of heights, he or she can opt to try out the indoor zip line. The zip line allows children to be little “Tarzans” and enjoy the thrill of gliding across the room at exhilarating speed under an absolutely safe environment. Friends can also set off together in pairs and challenge each other to a zip line race!

Various creative facilities encourage kids to try, to think and to promote team effectiveness. Moreover, plenty of experiential exhibitions in the museum will definitely satisfy kids’ endless curiosity.

Non-Physical Art Activities

(The Bubble House elevates the fun of bubble-playing to new heights.)

The static art activity area located on the 2nd floor of the museum is suitable for those who prefer non-physical activities. By providing a variety of art supplies, kids can live out of their imagination and create fantastic artworks while spending time there. Not wanting to restrict kids to drawing only on paper, the museum prepared a ten-meter tall glass wall for them to paint on. On weekdays, the Art Studio will hold special hands-on lessons that tie in with different festivals to trigger kids’ endless passion for learning.

(Little chefs exploring the world of cooking!)

Besides festival-related activities, the museum also designs a series of experiential courses. The “Bubble House”, for instance, is a popular entertainment activity among parents and their children. The “Farmer’s Market” on the other hand, aims to teach kids about food knowledge and on how to cook.

Apart from the original 13 exhibitions, KidsAwesome Museum also releases occasional special exhibitions. Take Children’s Day, for example – this year the museum planned a Special Circus exhibition displaying aerial silk, tightrope walking and body painting. With special exhibitions being put out several times a year, children can always take away something new with every visit.

Think Outside The Box  

One special thing about the exhibitions at KidsAwesome Museum is that the signboards guide the children but not restrict the way they use the facilities. It is to challenge kids to explore new things instead of simply just following instructions. Except for the climber rack which imposes a height restriction, children are free to enjoy all the facilities there. Parents are also encouraged to join their kids so as to help them understand their kids’ thought processes and establish closer relationships through the activities.

Taking Best Care of Your Kids

Safety and cleanliness are regarded as the top priority of KidsAwesome Museum. The museum is disinfected daily, and there are well-trained staff assisting and protecting the kids while they enjoy the activities. In addition, the museum provides soft pads and mini-sized facilities for kids under 3 years old. Being one of the best places for parent-child interaction, child-friendly facilities like nursery rooms and parent-child toilets are also offered.

A museum that could inspire kids to bring out their best potential is definitely worth a visit. Don’t forget to take your kids to KidsAwesome Museum for a fantastic adventure when you visit Taipei!


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