Donate Your Spare Toys To Children In The Philippines

If you are a parent, you would probably have a few too many toys at home that your kids are longer playing with. While you are thinking about getting rid of them to free up some room space, you are also thinking that it is a waste to just throw them away. Rather than throwing those pre-loved darlings out or keeping them locked up untouched somewhere in the house for another year, why not donate them to other kids who would be absolutely delighted to receive them as gifts?

Toys Donation Appeal

On 6 June 2019, local non-profit organisation (NPO) Share Your Spare Singapore posted on Facebook appealing for toys and stationery sets to be donated to the underprivileged in the Philippines. The organisation will be headed to the country to distribute the collected items to the children in August.

About The Organisation

Share Your Spare Singapore is a local NPO that aims to help the less fortunate in the Philippines and also other countries in the future. Run by Mr. Adrian Soco, the organisation has been actively involved in missions and projects such as distributing lunch to hungry children and providing school uniforms and supplies to students.

Overwhelming Response

Since the posting of the donation appeal, toys have been pouring in to contribute to the project. Due to the overwhelming response, the organisation is temporarily stopping toy collection to spend some time sorting those they have already collected. As Mr. Soco will also be out of the country from 14 to 24 June, collection will only resume after the 25th.

How To Donate?

Toys and Stationery Donation

If you are looking to donate some items to the cause, the main drop-off point is at 8 Hougang Street 32, #10-14 Parc Vera Condominium, Singapore 534038. Before dropping off your donations, be sure to contact Mr. Soco in advance at 9710 3915 to inform him of your drop-off date and time.


Here are a few additional FAQs that Mr. Soco has provided:

Q: When is the deadline? 
A: For this project, until end of June. But I continuously collect toys for our toy libraries.

Q: Do I accept pre-loved toys?
A: Yes, definitely. As long as in good condition.

Q: Any other collection point?
A: on 12-Jun (Wed) from 7-8pm at Westgate Mall taxi stand
A: on 29-Jun (Sat) from 9-10am at Sengkang MRT
A: Sumo Salad @ Holland Village MRT unit B1-11 from Mon-Sun 9am-9pm, but please avoid bulky items due to limited space (Thank you Ms. Jane Lee)

Q: When is it convenient to send the toys?
A: Since it’s school holidays, any day and time is fine except sundays. But please inform me in advance.

Shipping Fee Donation

Share Your Spare Singapore has also been receiving donations to cover the fees to ship the toys to the Philippines. However, it seems like some help is still needed for them to cover the cost. If you do not have any toys to spare but wish to do your part for this project, you can considering helping out with the shipping cost. Check out their Facebook post above for more information.


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