Future Jobs -Skills Your Kids Need to Learn

  “In purely quantitative terms, 75 million current job roles may be displaced by the shift in the division of labour between humans, machines and algorithms, while 133 million new job roles may emerge at the same time,”

—WEF(World Economy Forum).

With the development of science and technology, humans are gradually being replaced by machines and robots. By 2025, we will lose over FIVE MILLION jobs to automation, which means that jobs available in the future are going to be vastly different by the time your children grow up!

Despite the high unemployment rate, tremendous working opportunities are still consistently being created. Though factory and routine-based works will be replaced in time to come, the values of knowledge and innovation are irreplaceable. So, it doesn’t mean that your kids are going to lose their chance at finding a job—in fact, they are going to be given even greater opportunities! That said, it is important for the younger generation to be equipped with the skills needed for the future.

Future Jobs and Skills

According to WEF, the emerging roles are as follows:

  • Data analysts and scientists
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning specialists
  • General and operating managers
  • Software and applications developer and analysts
  • Sales and marketing professionals.

Although it is hard to figure out what the future will be like, below are some skills that are currently considered as essentials for the future:

Problem Solving Skills and Computational Thinking

The future will be more challenging, and the problems will also be more complex than ever. However, we cannot expect machines and robots to do everything. As such, children need to develop excellent critical thinking skills to help them analyse problems, work out multiple solutions, and make decisions. There are high chances that your kids might need to work with computers and robots, so it is unavoidable for them to equip themselves with coding and programming knowledge. 

Innovation and Creativity

Robots may be good at calculating, accounting, or computing, but they lack design and innovation skills. Therefore, you can say that the more creative you are, the less likely you will be replaced.  With great creativity,  you will be able to bring innovation to fruition.

Social Skills

The future will require people from different fields of work to collaborate and find solutions collectively. Therefore, social skills are fundamental for anyone working with others. You do not have to be extremely sociable, but being open-minded, empathetic and easy-going would be great.


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and STEAM (STEM+Art) are the newest trend to hit the education scene worldwide. They allow learners to better understand the science behind technology, and help them apply the knowledge to in real-life context. It is also good to start getting exposed to coding through STEM or STEAM education, and to learn how to instruct computers to work.

How to start?

Preparing your child starts from young. Educational institutions like The Plei Academy, Young Engineers, KIDSCODE and The Lab offer programs for children to approach coding and programming in fun and interesting ways. What’s more, in the processes of learning, kids also learn to work with others, find solutions, and develop computational thinking—all of which are essential skills for the future workplace! For full list of enrichment programs available on LeJourney, visit class.lejourneyapp.com.

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