10 Cutest Mothers Day Cards By Kids

As a mother, one of the best feelings in the world would be receiving words of gratitude from your child—albeit some of them being just a tad too honest 😂 Here are some of the cutest (and funniest!) Mother’s Day card from kids:

1. Thanks For Letting Me Play The Computer And Watch TV


2. I Want Nobody Nobody But You As My Mom


3. Thanks For Not Making Your Meatloaf Anymore


4. Mum’s Love VS Daughter’s Love


5. Brutally Honest


6. You Did Great, But Can Do Better


7. The Lucky One


8. I Love You But Why Don’t You Let Me Have Desserts?


9. You’re Kinda Scary But Still Awesome


10. You Win At Life If Your Child Loves You More Than The iPad


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