Best Family Restaurants in Taipei – Part 1

Fun for the kids and an ease of mind for the parents

For most parents, it is almost impossible to eat out with young children while you’re going abroad. If you’re visiting Taipei and want to bring your family to a restaurant where there is a candid and cosy environment for kids, delicious food for parents, and even a special kids menu.
Here are some great family restaurant options in Taipei.

1. Mr. Tree 大树先生的家 / Mr. Tree Station 大树站

As one of the first family restaurants in Taiwan, the first best thing that comes to mind is their iconic ball pool and sand playground. ‘We hope to inspire children’s curiosity by playing sand and water, and remind parents to value the importance of exploration, curiosity, and happiness’, said Eddie Wu, the owner of Mr. Tree. So far, Mr.Tree has established many branches in both Taiwan and Hong Kong. In order to bring different excitements to children, they designed each branch in different themes like ‘tree-house slide’ and ‘London subway station’ and ‘sporty style’.



Mr. Tree hopes to subvert the public’s misconception that family restaurants do not serve good food, or that only light meals are offered. In fact, parents would be delighted to know that all meals prepared at the restaurant are freshly made. They take the freshness of ingredients used seriously because they are most concerned for the health of the children. Most importantly, less salt and oil are added into the meals, making it a healthier choice.

The chefs also deliberately decorates and crafts each meal to ensure that they are eye-catching to the children. Kids love such novelty and this makes the meal more interesting and exciting for them. Different Mr. Tree branches serve different cuisines and this is in accordance to their various styles. Why Mr. Tree stands out and is so popular amongst parents and families is largely due to their wide variety of playgrounds and themes and mouth-watering.  In addition to this, they hold special classes monthly – doing baking, music, creative balloon sculpturing, and even storytelling! The list goes on.

2. Elephant Garden 象园咖啡

As the only lake views family and pets-friendly restaurants in Taipei, Elephant Garden provides a comfortable environment for both pets and families. Located right next to Bihu Park (碧湖公园), the restaurant has french windows that allow you to enjoy the beautiful lake views while enjoying the meal. At Elephant Garden, they offer a variety of dishes from western, Japanese, American cuisine. As soon as you step into the restaurant, you won’t help but notice the elephant themed decoration.

They even offer special surprises for birthday kids! Just show your identity card seven days before or after your birthday and be entitled to a complimentary signature elephant waffle. No reservations are needed to be made beforehand.

As long as you choose the right restaurants, you can still have a delicious meal with a relaxing and comfortable mind when eating out with your kids. Next time when you visit Taipei for a family trip, don’t forget to take your children to these funny and enjoyable places!

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