From An Aquaphobic to A Passionate Swimmer

It may be surprising to hear of swimmers who were once fearful of water. Swimkies instructor, Luke, started swimming late and was actually afraid of the water up till the age of eight. His parents repeatedly sent him for swimming lessons, until he finally managed to overcome his fear at the age of ten. It was only during NS and in Polytechnic when Luke started his regular swimming routine and compete in Varsity competitions.

Super League Triathlon – Relay Enduro Race: An Enjoyable Journey

Having done Triathlons and Biathlons through the years, Luke was highly interested when he heard about this year’s Super League Triathlon Relay Enduro Race. He expressed his gratitude for being given the opportunity to participate in the race as a member of team Kiss92 alongside radio presenter Arnold Gay and two-time Half Ironman World Championships qualifier, Andrew Patterson.

Luke commented that the race was tough, but everyone was supportive and friendly. Thanks to the excitement and the enjoyable atmosphere, he was kept motivated throughout the race.

“Everyone was there to enjoy the race and the atmosphere, so I wanted to complete my leg for them in the best time possible.”

Learning to Swim Should Start Young

Luke started to learn swimming at the later age of eight. By that time, he had developed aquaphobia due to unapparent reasons and was not comfortable being around the pool.
“It was quite silly because ever since I got over the fear, swimming has been the constant activity I enjoy, and one that has given me so much in life. Starting at a young age can really help children get comfortable and love the water starting from their early days, rather than having them waste 2 years of their lives crying in the pool!”

Swimming As A Parent-Child Bonding Activity

Starting swimming lessons at an early age helps in motor skills development. It’s also a great bonding experience that you can have with your baby. To have 30 minutes of activity every week with your baby helps in bonding and understanding your child’s behavior and preferences! Furthermore, it’s a great joy as parents for us to be part of our little ones’ growing journey as they develop new skills.
Most importantly, it’ll give you an ease of mind to know that your child is safe in the waters and equipped with self-rescue know-how in the case of a water emergency.

Swimkies: Swimming Lessons for Babies and Toddlers

Join Luke and Swimkies in their professional swimming lessons for children from as young as six months old. With classes conducted in various areas in Singapore, Swimkies strive to provide parents and kids with convenient, safe and affordable options.

Want to give their lessons a try? You can now sign up for their trial class here!


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