7 Fun Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day when you have children

Does having children mean no Valentine’s day? NO! It’s actually the beginning of another kind of romance! So, instead of leaving your child behind and spending the evening with your partner feeling worried or guilty, perhaps you could spend the beautiful evening with your little one as well Here are seven ways we suggest you may have a different, but meaningful Valentine’s Day.

1. Little helper

This Valentine’s day, choose a memorable gift for your spouse with your kid – it could be a leather watch, a pair of stylish headphones, or sunglasses… When everything is ready, with some roses and chocolates, have your little helper to send the gift on your behalf! This surprise could make this year’s Valentine’s day unforgettable!

2. The sweetest card 

A festive gift is essential, regardless of the size, it’s the thought that counts. Collaborate with your spouse and kid this Valentine’s day to make a warm and delicate card that is full of love for each other. Let your imagination run wild and add it to your masterpieces – look at that little girl with a lollipop, it literally can’t be sweeter! And before exchanging the card, remember to write your best wishes on the back of the card!

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3. Chocolate made with love

In addition to roses, a popular gift for Valentine’s day are definitely chocolates, which some say that each and every piece of sweetness symbolizes the beauty of love. You could try to create a unique DIY chocolate present just for your partner. Make your chocolate into different shapes, mixed with cookies, and decorate it however you want! Finally, exchange and enjoy it once ready. Sometimes, happiness is just as simple as that!

4. Kids hands and feet art

The art idea is simple, yet memorable for the family. It is especially suitable for families with tiny tots. While their hands and feet are still tiny and small, you can make some artwork with that and save it as souvenirs. What’s more, you’ll find coloring their little hands and feet are super fun and interactive! After finishing, don’t forget to frame this piece of great work properly, so that you can show it to them when they grow up. Such gifts would be unique and special!

5. Life needs a sense of ritual

In such a lovely festival, why not set up a family ritual to exchange gifts with children every Valentine’s day?

 “Ritual is what makes one day different from the other days, one hour different from the other hours” – the little prince

The reason many people often find life boring is that they lack a sense of ritual, which is quite common in today’s society. Therefore, having family rituals can be placed as a priority, especially when children are still young. This teaches them to appreciate and enjoy life while learning; and learn to make every ordinary day feel special. Besides, such activities also allow them to express their feelings and understand how joyful it is to give and receive love!

6. Take a trip down memory lane

On Valentine’s day, take your spouse and child somewhere special and meaningful. Whether it is a park, a restaurant, or a movie theatre, tell your children stories about your encounters and memories between you and your spouse – Like how you two met, what you love about one another, etc. Let them bathe in the atmosphere of love, and take the opportunity to relive the good old days. Looking back on the past and into the future, you will enjoy such family time with deep appreciation!

7. Valentine’s day family dinner

After school and work, dine at a restaurant which all of you love; or make a hearty dinner at home. If you plan to make dinner at home, let the whole family get involved in creating all kinds of “love” dishes and creative snacks. Have a heart to heart talk while having dinner –  Wouldn’t it be nice to hear your child’s funny stories at school or your spouse’s encounters during their day at work? Just remember that as long as there is love in the heart, every day is Valentine’s Day, and every meal is a romantic one!

At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day is not just a festival of love between lovers but can also be an opportunity to express love to our family, friends and loved ones. So, be sure to show your love this Valentine’s day, we believe that parents who know how to express love will set a good role model for their children as well!

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