How To Control Your Diet This Chinese New Year (FOR MOMS!)

It’s the time of the year to celebrate Lunar New Year again! Have you stocked up goodies for your snack platter? Those which are meant for your relatives but then realise you consume most of them yourself at the end of the day – Those Bak kwa, love letters, pineapple tarts, and decadent almond cookies.. You then start thinking about the amount of weight you put on every Lunar New Year and it gets depressing.

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There’s no denying that excessive eating of festive snacks highly contributes to weight gain. To avoid repeating the same mistakes, we first need to understand that our emotional cravings or eating triggers (differ from physiological hunger) is often due to boredom, anxiety and other emotions. The most effective and direct solution is to divert our attention to other activities, any activity that we like! What better than to distract yourself from cravings with your little one while enjoying meaningful family time in this prosperous year of the pig!

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Embracing the beauty of nature

There are nature walks hidden within our tiny city that can transport you and your child out of Singapore’s concrete jungle, and into a little wilderness. First of all, Kranji Marshes is an enclave for diverse flora and fauna. Here you can observe nature in the Neo Tiew Woods and even climb a tower for a bird’s-eye view of the marshes within the ecologically sensitive area. Besides, Changi East Boardwalk opens 24/7, allows you to embark on the beach walk, cliff walk, and sunset walk. Last but not least, enjoy a serene walk in Chestnut Nature Park South, you’ll find native trees and globally-endangered birds – Get ready to embrace nature with your open arms!

Looking back and looking forward

Your family could look through old photo albums or pictures of special events throughout the year, enjoy watching family videos and DVDs from months past, film the new yearly video, and put up a whiteboard somewhere in the house to write down your new year resolutions.

Cooking and eating

Prepare the little one a special drink, like sparkling grape, orange, lychee or strawberry juice. Make easy and accessible salads, appetizers and snacks with your child. This would be the perfect time to educate and introduce them to different fruits and vegetables while embracing family relationships.

Playing games

You can play any game that keeps you and your kid happy and active! One great example would be the “Tape Game”. Use cloth tape that can be easily cleaned to layout the playground anywhere in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and sofa. You can design it as the parking space, car road, pathway, and other different scenes. Set a certain game area, then you and your child can play however you want!

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Napping and resting

You may stay up late this Chinese New Year’s Eve, which is endowed with auspicious meaning by people. However, a study suggests that if you do not rest well at night, you are more likely to land into cravings and overeating the next day! What may help is to find some time in the afternoon to take a little short nap with your child – even if it’s only 20 to 30 minutes, it can make a whole lot of difference!

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