Four dessert places kids love in Singapore

There’s no denying that kids love desserts. They love every bite of the desserts whether it’s cookies or cupcakes or ice cream. Here are some dessert places kids would love in Singapore.

1. Swirl’s Bake Shop

Cupcakes are perfect for parties but they are also great for an afternoon snack. Swirl’s Bake Shop is an All-American gourmet cupcake bakery that uses fresh ingredients only. It has 101 flavours and 3 different sizes you can choose from. One of their best selling flavour is What’s Up Doc? – a carrot cupcake packed with pineapple and walnuts and cream cheese frosting on top. Let your kid choose their favourite flavour in giant size or get a few different flavours in bite-sized. Your kid will be amazed by the wide variety of choices and will love the dense texture of the cupcakes.  


2. I-bing

Every kid loves frozen desserts whether it’s ice creams or popsicles. I-bing lets you enjoy realistically shaped popsicles, made entirely out of fruits. People of all ages will be drawn to the shapes and looks of I-bing’s popsicles. The tropical flavours such as Banana, Durian, and Mango are made using highest grade fruits so they taste just like the real fruit itself. But their most unique popsicles are the puppy-shaped popsicles and flower shaped popsicles. Kids will surely enjoy eating cute Golden Retriever popsicles or beautiful rose pot ice cream.


3. Cereal Citizen

Looking for some crunchy dessert? Take your kids to Cereal Citizen – a cereal cafe that allows you to create your own cereal bowl. It has 24 varieties of cereals and other offerings such as sweet and savoury Crododos (donut-shaped croissants), ice cream, and milkshakes. The fluffy Crododo is delicious on its own, but the icing and cereal on top really take the taste to another level. The best and most unique part of the cafe is creating your cereal bowl. With their wide variety of cereal, toppings and even milk to choose from, kids can create their dream cereal bowl. The colourful and delicious desserts will definitely delight your kids.


4. Little Nothings Bakery

We all know that cute and colourful desserts can make kids go crazy. The desserts in Little Nothings Bakery are colourful and pretty looking but they’re not like ordinary cakes you see in bakery shops. Instead of selling a whole cake or slices of cakes, they sell the cakes in jars. They come in many different flavours such as red velvet, matcha, and rainbow. The most popular cake flavour – Rainbow will definitely make kids who are obsessed with rainbow excited. The jar cakes are not only good looking but are as delicious as they look. Next time when you’re kids want unique bakeries, you might as well take them to Little Nothings Bakery.    

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