You Never Know How Much Your Kids Love You

Have you ever experienced something like this? Your kids try to copy exactly what you do and say— you’ll see her “making an important phone call” or “busy cooking in the kitchen”.

Dr. Harvey Karp commented that children copy adults’ behaviors due to idolization of their parents. As they mimic their parents’ behaviours, they would think to themselves, “Wow! I can do this, aren’t I as great as my hero?”. To them, you are their world, and they want to be as great as you!

Sometimes, they may also surprise you with their empathy, as they comfort you softly when you fall sick or giving you a big hug when they see you in tears. By doing so, they are actually imitating the way you treat them whenever they are in the same conditions. Dr. Harvey Karp also mentioned that this is the way kids express their LOVE for you.

Here is a poem “Choosing Mom” written by an eight year old named ZHU ER, which became viral after it was uploaded to the Internet:

You asked me what I was doing before I was born,
I answered:

“I was choosing my mom from above the skies.”

Then, I saw you,
and felt that you are really great.
I’d been hoping to be your child,
but feared that I would not have such luck.

Who knows!
Early the next morning,
I was already in your tummy.

Every child used to be an angel! Before, they were lying on the clouds, carefully selecting their moms. Then, they chose you, giving up the countless treasures in the skies to become your little one. They may look fragile and helpless, but there is only one purpose in mind as they come to you— and that is to love you wholeheartedly.

Remember to always kiss and say “I Love You” to your child. Remember to always be a part of their daily lives, and ask them how they are doing. You may not know that through these tiny actions, you can help them build up their inner security and assure them that they are loved! As a learning advisery platform, LeJourney would like to encourage you to use our advanced technological tool, the LeJourney app, to explore and discover your children’s unique potential and talents. Let’s guide our little angels to their most suited learning direction for a better and brighter future!

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