Mums, 3 Tips on Sending Your Child To School With Peace of Mind

Adopting the right attitude makes a world of difference to any activity. Likewise, approaching the idea of a school with positivity will rub off well on your child. As we know, their success is your success. Leading up to and during the process of school, here are some things to take note of:

1. Before school starts, prepare your child for success

Separation anxiety is not only experienced by the child. It is understandable that parents face it too. However, think of school as a chance for your child to put into practice the values and skills you’ve taught. Start slow with enrichment classes to have your child away for an hour or two, to prepare for the long hours away in time to come. When the time comes for school, you will have roughly six to seven hours on your own. Take the chance to do things you ordinarily would not do when your child is away; let your hair down and put your legs up.

Also, have an entire arsenal of wares at your disposal. Stock up and get extras for school supplies — an extra set of school uniform, more exercise books, additional pens, and erasers. There is a high chance you will need them all, children do get messy and often misplace their belongings. You will have what you need when you need it, and there will be no need to scramble when something goes missing.

2. Enforce A System

Set up a routine for the both of you. There will always be change in schedules, so creating a new routine will help move things along. Carve out tasks for your child to take charge of! Simple things such as laying out the outfit for the next day, or packing their bags the night before. This makes for a more efficient process and instills good habits in your child. Through this, your child will learn to be more accountable and this also leaves more free time for yourself.

3. After the school’s out, rejuvenate and recharge

Give yourself something to look forward to after the school day or week. Plan an activity together with your child to set a goal for both the parent and child to anticipate. Spending quality time will be a treat — but do remember your child is probably tired out from school, so opt for something simple — be it a craft class or even just a bedtime story. Have your child journal down their feelings about school with you, to actively participate in their school experience as well.

It’s important not to neglect yourself in the preparation for your child’s first day of school. As much as you will worry and miss your child, just think of school as the co-parent you have always wanted.

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