Priming Your Child For Success In School

As we know in Singapore, education is the fundamental key to your child’s success. Most parents believe that preparing for school consists of buying the uniform, buying pencils and books. However, it goes beyond that. Preparing them mentally, while making them excited could bring your child one step closer to success.

Here are some ways to introduce your child to school and make them fall in love with the experience.

1. Paint an exciting vision

All young children love playing make-believe. Take your child on an adventure around the school compound! Having a prowl around school beforehand will allow the child to get acquainted with the new environment. Pick out certain traits of school that you know your child will love — it could be the thought of playing with friends, the idea of having new gear, or even interactive lessons like arts and craft or music which they already enjoy. During school, let them know that the school
provides them with more opportunities to have fun and become a better person.

2. Make it into a game

Reward systems are a real motivation for the young. For instance, set up a sticker system that rewards your child with a dessert treat for every ten stickers collected. On a weekly basis, work with your kid to set small attainable goals to be achieved — be it the completion of homework, waking up early for school or putting away their dirty laundry after school — and give them a reward when met.

3. Cultivate their EQ for Success

Children might react differently when playing alone, playing with an adult or playing with peers of their own age. Introducing play dates or group activities to the young child could pose as a simulation before school starts. The more extroverted children can learn how to temper their energy according to group settings while encouraging the introverted not to shy away. Whether it is an art, music, mathematics or even a gymnastics class, potential socializing issues can be dealt with beforehand and optimize the transition into daily school.

Once your child enjoys interacting with other children, it will make the concept of school even more exciting for them.

School is definitely not scary and should be viewed as a place of fun and learning. Take the time to allay their fears by sharing your experience in school and also encourage them to vocalize how they feel. Work with their teachers to help your child get the most out of the school journey. Soon, all worries will be gone, and your child will be one step closer to loving school.

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