Seven Fun & Creative Activities to Do in Singapore this Halloween

It’s the spooky time of the year again, and it’s about time to get ready for Halloween if you haven’t! Here are 7 fun & creative activities to do in Singapore this Halloween, other than trick-or-treating.

1. Hold a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Contrary to popular beliefs, scavenger hunts are not only for Easter, they can be used for celebrating Halloween too! A Halloween Scavenger hunt is perfect for a Halloween party. You can use individual themes such as ghosts, mummies or vampires. Think of some decent hiding places and prepare some prizes for the winner.

You can design the scavenger hunt to be more than just finding hidden halloween pictures, you can include clues to make the scavenger hunt even more entertaining. The clues can include having a picture of the location of where the clue is hidden, or some word puzzles! If you can’t come up with any clues yourself, you can always get some great ideas from the web.

2. DIY Your Halloween Costumes

Dressing up is the best part of Halloween. You can always buy Halloween costumes but why not make use of everyday items and get creative with DIY Halloween Costumes? Classic ghost costumes can be made by cutting and glueing stiff black felt on white sheets. You can also make a simple witch costume with black leggings, skirt and shirt with broomstick made out of sticks.

If you want to be a little more creative, make LEGO costumes out of cardboards, plastic cups and paint, you can make LEGO car and train costumes also out of cardboards and paint. If your child is into sweet tasting things, you can make a cupcake costume by adding pom-poms on a white shirt. You can even have your kids help design and construct the costumes together. Doing such  crafty activities with your little ones can be another way to enjoy Halloween.

3. Make your own Halloween games

If you are holding a Halloween party, you can make creative halloween-themed games of your own. You can play “poke the pumpkin” where you put prizes inside orange cups with napkins rubber-banded over the tops and have kids poke through the cups for treats and prizes, or even “tricks” like toothbrushes. You can even decorate plastic bottles/cans into mummies, ghosts or anything you like and let your kids play bowling with it.

Other classic party games include bingo, Pinata or “Pin the tail”. You can have various themes when it comes “pinning the tail” – “pin the tail on a black cat”, “pin the spider on the web”, or “pin the bow on the skeleton are some fun examples. If you are creative enough you can come up with new Halloween party game ideas of your own too!

4. Kidzania: Lost Carnival

Join Kidzania’s Halloween event starting on October 26 – There are lots of fun activities and free candies for you and your kids. Let your kids participate in the Great Pumpkin Hunt, knock on doors for Trick or Treat or join the Halloween Parade. There are also carnival games, shows and Halloween characters for your kids to meet. If you want a family night out, there is more information on KidZania Singapore here.

5. OctoBoo

Octoboo is perfect for 3-10 years old kids to have fun and explore activities with Halloween themes. There will be booths with hands-on activities, movie screenings and Spooky Town characters appearing at the event. Kids can go around booths to collect candies and exchange it for a bigger treat. What’s more, the daily top 3 best dressed kid gets a prize! For more information on Octoboo, you can visit their website here.

6. TOTTS Baking @ Century square 

If you want to make some halloween treats at a baking workshop, Totts at Century Square might be just the place you’re looking for! At Totts, kids can enjoy craft workshops, and bake halloween cupcakes or halloween pizzas. Let your kids come dressed up in their Halloween costumes for the costume contest and do makeovers at Totts @ Century Square!

Check out the events and workshops here.

7. Asian Civilization Museum (ACM)

Bring your kids to ACM and discover how the elements of Earth, wind, water and fire are linked to the supernatural beliefs. There will be movie screenings, spooky performances, haunting talks and more activities to make an exciting Halloween night! Imagine spending the night at a museum, we’re guessing it is going be a thrilling and exciting experience, and the best part of it, it’s free entry!

Here are more details of ACM for more information.

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