Why Comic Art Should Be Taken More Seriously

Parents may raise concerns about their children reading comics and graphic novels. However, researchers believe comic arts can bring them benefits in many ways. Here are some reasons why comics art should be taken more seriously.

1. Strengthen inference, sequencing and reading comprehension

Though people may think the reading level of comics is too low, readers can benefit just as much as reading other books. In fact, comics can be much more involving than other materials since it requires processing of visual, spatial, and textual components. The way comics integrate words and picture enhances inference, sequencing as well as reading comprehension.

2. Improve memory

Another benefit of combining words and images together, is that it increases memory retention. The process of visualising words or writings link visual components to textual components and therefore strengthens memory. Through reading or drawing comics, kids are able to get visual representation of the materials and learn better.

3. Motivate reluctant readers

Some kids are bookworms while others just don’t like reading. Comics and graphic novels are easier to relate to and they feature various themes and feelings. Some comics even cover topics about historical events or social issues. They can reignite reluctant readers’ passion of reading and learning.

4. Support classic novels

Since comics cover a wide variety of topics, those related to classic novels or history can be used to support teaching. Kids can also get a better picture or a better sense of understanding through comics. It can arouse their learning interests for that specific topic.

5. Develop writing skills

Visual graphics are easier to remember and picture. For kids, writing or expressing through words can be difficult but it’s easier for them to express ideas through imagery. In comics, kids can use images to support the language ideas. Comics not only help with storytelling but also with writing skills

6. Critical thinking

Whether it’s reading or drawing comics, we need to imagine the transition and put the events in sequence. Not only are we required to understand the links of ideas, we also need to observe the details in the comics. These actions involve evaluation, observation, imagination and sharpen critical thinking skills.

Drawing comics art is even more beneficial than reading comics since it involves the artistic skills as well. On top of enhancing inference and critical thinking, drawing comics art enhance creativity, observation and self-expression. If you are interested in letting your child learn comics art, Association of Comic Artists Singapore (ACAS) provides classes that help kids and teens develop their artistic skills and writing skills.

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