This Parenting Gadget From Taiwan Is The Perfect Guardian For Your Kids

Introducing the world’s first AI-powered baby camera monitor, ‘Cubo’!

With the arrival of new-age technology, it’s no surprise that parents are using state-of-the-art monitoring devices for their little ones to keep track of what’s going on. Such devices are called baby camera monitors, and are often used to ensure that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) doesn’t occur at home.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, is being termed as the ‘sudden and unexpected death of a baby with no known illness’. This typically occurs among babies aged between two weeks to six months. In 2017, there has been a case of SIDS where a couple realised their baby was not breathing after she spent the night on their bed.

What Makes ‘Cubo’ Special?

In recent years, many medical professionals actually advise against the use of baby monitoring products. This is because many of them are equipped with useful, but unnecessary functions that will cause increased levels of anxiety for new parents. Such functions include tracking the baby’s body temperature, heart rate, pulse and more.

However, Cubo’s monitor system is solely and specially designed with just a simple, but important idea in mind: to keep your babies safe. Cubo’s primary concern is to make sure that infants are not at risk of SIDS or undetermined causes of death that can result whilst they are sleeping in their own cot.

This is made sure of with their AI-powered technology, which will send a notification to parents immediately should they detect that their baby is at risk of the following: when the baby’s face is obstructed or covered by a foreign object and, if the baby is sleeping in an unsafe position or face down.

Functions of ‘Cubo’, the world’s first AI-powered Baby Camera Monitor

1) Crying Out Loud; Never Miss A Moment When Your Baby Needs You

Worried when you’re in the kitchen cooking or doing the laundry, that the distance between your location and child might be too far or noisy for you to catch their cries? Cubo can detect your child’s crying and alert you about them immediately!

2) High Quality Two-way Voice Function, Accompany and Chat with Your Baby Outdoors

Cubo possesses a highly sensitive radio and high quality sound output, which allows Moms and Dads to catch even the softest of sounds made by their little ones, and allows the infants as well to hear their parents’ ‘true to life’ voices!

3) Anti-infrared Light Design, Avoiding the Baby’s Eyes from Direct View

Some of the typical baby camera monitors sensors will emit a small amount of infrared light. Cubo’s cameras are specially developed with an anti-infrared design that minimizes the risk of direct eye contact from the infant, ensuring that there’s no interference to the infant’s slumber at all!

4) Detect Indoor Temperatures, Matched With Advice from Qualified Pediatricians

Should Cubo detect that the baby’s room temperature and humidity levels fall out of the recommended levels suggested by doctors, it will send out a notification immediately. This is to lower the chances of the infant getting sick from the room being too cool, warm or humid. It acts as prevention towards potential health issues that can arise from these harmful conditions like allergies, dermatitis, dust mites and more.

 5) Inbuilt Mini Night Light, Reduce Interferences to Baby’s Slumber

When you wake up in the middle of night just to check on your child, have no fear about waking your child up or your spouse in the process of doing so. Cubo’s night-light is designed to rest on top of the bird shaped-inspired camera monitor, and directs the light towards the ceiling, avoiding your child from being disturbed during their sleep by the glare of a night-light.

6) Match the growth with the stand – and use it up to three years old with no issues

Cubo comes with a bonus ‘Bed Stand’ and ‘Mobile Stand’ that allow camera height adjustment as the baby grows accordingly. Thus, when the baby grows up to be an active toddler, you can still place the Cubo monitor at the living room or play room, and continue to watch over your kid like before.

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