3 Reasons to stay on top of your child’s learning journey

Every child is unique and special. Therefore, it is impossible to apply a cookie-cut approach to children and expect the same results. So how can parents cultivate the best version of their children? Preparing them for success starts from a young age and should be started as early as possible. A simple process of documenting your child’s learning journey and performances would enable you to recognize their skills over time and select the best programs to cultivate them. How does documenting your child’s learning journey enable you to cultivate your little geniuses?

Here are three steps to get started:

Eternalize memories

Commemorate the milestones, be it the first dance recital or first spelling test. You wouldn’t want to miss out on anything. Document this journey for your child and yourself —as these milestones are worth celebrating.

Reflect For Better Decisions

Journaling frequently — keeping a diary or a scrapbook — is one of the ways that the child can reflect and interpret on daily activities. Walking through these thoughts with the child will allow you to provide counsel for their challenges or questions. Constant reflection will lead to better understanding of their own preferences and improve the decision-making process.

Planning Ahead

Does your child have inclinations towards specific skills? Identifying these skills young might enable them to flourish in the later years with proper training. It is recommended to keep a record of the child’s learning journey to understand their abilities and talents. Alternatively, it is also good to expose your child to a wide range of programs to ensure versatility in their skills.


Through the learning journey, start to observe trends and their preferences. Once you identify their talents, it is recommended to set goals with them, then analyse on their interests and performances over time, if additional programs are needed to ensure a holistic learning experience. Having a plan that can be evaluated over time will optimize your child’s learning over the years.

Many companies map out learning roadmaps for their employees to groom them into top performers. A similar approach should be adopted for your child to ensure their success in the later years. Trends and patterns should be monitored and evaluated to ensure that your child enjoys a varied yet specialized learning program to cultivate them into their best version.

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