Strategies To Unleash The Inner Superstars In Your Child

Strategies To Unleash The Inner Superstars In Your Child

Musical maestros are often thought be excellent in singing or playing a new instrument. While this is true, their talents may expand beyond the world of melodies and musical notes. In most cases, as they are musically intelligent, they have an ability to pick up rhythms easily. Hence, you can unleash their talents in other areas in the performing arts such as dance, drama and speech too. Here are some fun activities that your musical maestros will definitely enjoy:

Dance classes

Dancing is an exciting activity for all ages, and you can introduce your child to the art of dancing as early as after their second birthday, when they develop some basic motor skills.

Recommended fun activity

Crestar Learning Centre provides dance classes to children as young as 2 and a half years old. In these lessons, they will learn how to coordinate moves using their arms, pointing feet, while strengthening their sense of rhythm and musicality.

Dancer’s Dream Studio offers enrichment classes for kids and a variety of other dance courses for all ages and experience levels. The Dancer’s Dream Studio Latin Dance for kids is a specially designed programme aimed to make Latin dance more relatable to young children. Classes for kids regardless of age and levels follow a structure with emphasis on Discipline, Dance Development, and Socio-Emotional Skills Development.

Speech workshops

Rhythm and tonality are some of the key elements to a great speech. As these are things that musically intelligent children tend to pick up quickly, honing their public speaking skills will reap many benefits in the long-run. Mastering this skill will boost the confidence in your child, even preparing them for school and even their careers.

Recommended fun activities

Speech Academy Asia nurtures children with useful public speaking techniques from the Speech Linguistics Patterns, covering body language, voice, emotions, speech and crafting. They seek to foster greater confidence in public speaking amongst the young ones.

You can open your child’s mind and heart to a world of creativity through dance, speech and drama workshops. This will concurrently boost their self-confidence and communication skills, which will be beneficial to their development in their formative years.


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