Where Your Child’s Imagination Comes Alive

Where Your Child’s Imagination Comes Alive   

Nurturing a talent for visual aesthetics is important for the development of your child. There are numerous benefits to learning art. To sharpen your child’s creative abilities, we recommend 2 art centers where your little geniuses can get inspired and create masterpieces from their imagination:


Founded in 2002, Abrakadoodle has inspired over a million young creative minds worldwide. With three art centres in Singapore, kids as young as 20 months old can gleefully enter a world filled with bright colours and imagination, and create their own masterpieces using a variety of materials. Abrakadoodle is also popular for organizing art-themed parties and camps.

“A birthday celebration is only as successful as the smiles on the kids’ faces. After the party, Dana came to us and said, ‘Daddy, Mommy, thank you. I had such an awesome time’. Thank you Abrakadoodle for making Dana’s 7th Birthday a memorable one!” – Angie S, blogger, Life’s Tiny Miracles (click the hyperlink to read the blog post)

Crestar Learning Centre

Backed by over 30 years of professional talent in nurturing young minds, Crestar Learning Centres offers a wide range of programmes that stimulates a child’s intellectual and creative abilities. With art centres that are located island-wide, kids are treated to a meaningful learning journey where other subject areas are infused into the art course, while introducing them to a variety of art techniques.

“Teacher Anh guides each child as they progress in their work. Anh, who graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts, was encouraging throughout the class and gave room for each child space to try and learn on their own pace; even if this meant they made mistakes. When one of the girl’s paper got stuck onto her foam board, causing the print to be damaged, Teacher Anh told her it was okay and to try again because ‘we all learn from making mistakes.’ – reviewed by The New Age Parents (click the hyperlink to read the full review)

Get your child’s creative juices flowing

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