Early childhood education is your child’s passport to success

“Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society” – Maria Montessori.

Studies have shown that children who receive an early childhood education grow into responsible adults. Quality preschool programs equip them with lifelong skills that build the foundation for their physical, mental, social and emotional development. With the long-term benefits that early childhood education affords, parents should consider enrolling their children into preschools or childcare centers that provide quality education. Here are some centers that we recommend for your child:

Canberra Preschool

Canberra Preschool provides a modern learning environment tooled with advanced pedagogy for children aged from 18 months to 6 years old. The curriculum is designed in line with the framework set by the Ministry of Education, with a strong emphasis on promoting bilingualism; encouraging young kids to be proficient in English and Mandarin. It also offers unique programmes such as robotics and Minisoft to prepare kids for the digital age.

LEAP Education Group

Founded in 2009 and first established at City Square Mall as an enrichment center for kids, LEAP Education Group has since expanded, with preschools located island-wide. The LEAP philosophy encompasses a holistic approach towards child education, creating a fun and safe environment led by professionals, while working with parents to create an inspiring learning journey for children.

Twinkle Star Montessori

Twinkle Star Montessori aims to help children build a strong foundation in education. Led by Montessori educators in classrooms with a low class-to-teacher ratio, each child can learn at their own pace and develop the necessary skills in literacy and numeracy, in preparation for primary school. The curriculum focuses on kids aged from 3 to 6 years old. The school also provide the option for Edvox music enrichment and Hindi language classes as well.

Twinkle Kidz Playhouse

Twinkle Kids Playhouse offers a literature-based curriculum that focuses on developing the literacy skills of young children. With an excellent student-to-teacher ratio, each child is given the appropriate attention needed to unleash their potential in creativity and the arts. The programs is offered to children aged from 3 to 6 years old.

Find the happy place for your child to grow

Every preschool and childcare center provides a unique environment and curriculum for their students. Choosing the right center requires plenty of research and time in ensuring that your children will be inspired to continue learning, make new friends and grow confident and curious about the world.

Discover your child’s learning style to curate the best education for them. Everyone has a unique learning style, so learn more about your own preferred one too. Try the quiz at the LeJourney to find out more. Download the app via Google Play, App Store or our website at https://lejourneyapp.com/

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