Raising A Logical Thinker For The Future

In the words of Mark Zucherberg, founder of Facebook, “In fifteen years, we’ll be teaching programming just like reading and writing, and wondering why we didn’t do it sooner”.As the world develops into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, jobs in the future could become more technology focused. This could be the direction for kids who are logical thinkers. They have a natural capability in numbers, are able to see patterns and can figure out how things operate.

Coding is often deemed as the backbone for most forms of technology, and hence, it could be a sought-after skill for jobs in the future. This reinforces the needs for parents to expose their children to these skills as early as possible. In addition to coding, the fundamentals like mathematics and critical thinking abilities should not be ignored.

Here are some learning centres where your child can hone their skills in these areas:


Mathematics is a fundamental skill and crucial especially during adulthood where managing one’s finances would be a keystone to success. We recommend 3 learning centres where your child can sharpen their mathematical abilities:

SAM (Seriously Addictive Mathematics)

SAM, which stands for Seriously Addictive Mathematics, offers an award-winning curriculum that is based on the Singapore school system. Every student learns at their own pace and SAM uses a fun and interactive approach to teaching mathematics.


If your children have displayed some interest in the field of IT, we recommended this learning centre where they can develop their passion:

Code Ninja

Code Ninja offers a syllabus that was developed together with the National Institute of Education (NIE). It focuses on logic, and help kids develop problem solving skills. Every class is designed around a mini-project and there is a total of 5 levels of mastery that kids can reach at their own pace.

Logical and critical thinking skills are important

Your child will soon enter a world filled with information, some of which may not be true. This is proven with the advent of fake news. Logical reasoning and critical thinking skills are therefore important to help your child discern the truth from the false. Hence, honing these skills are just as important as creativity.

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