How To Raise Nature Lover

An environmentalist is said to have a high degree of naturalist intelligence, as their keen interest in nature facilitates their ability to distinguish the many types of flora and fauna. These nature lovers are typically interested in growing plants, caring for animals, or studying plants and the animal kingdom. Naturally, this ability is also embodied by zoologists, biologists, gardeners and veterinarians.

One classic example of a person who represents the naturalistically intelligent, is Maritza Morales Casanova from Mexico. An environmentalist at the age of 10, she initiated Humanity United to Nature in Harmony for Beauty, Welfare and Goodness (HUNAB) – a programme that teaches other kids how to grow plants and care for animals. At 13 years old, she asked the president of Mexico to create an area for kids to be trained on environmental issues. This was eventually brought to fruition when the Ceiba Pentandra Park was opened in 2013. Maritza intends to use the environmental education park to impart 64,000 kids with knowledge about conservation every year. In 2012, she received the Rolex Laureate and is currently a National Geographic emerging explorer.

If your children are naturalists like Maritza, here are some activities that may pique their interests:

Taking care of pets

 At some point, these animal lovers may express an interest in owning a pet. It is important to highlight the responsibilities that pet ownership entail, such as proper pet care, to manage your kid’s expectations. Older children would be able to shoulder more responsibilities, while the younger ones can help with lightweight duties like putting the food out or keeping away the pet’s toys. Safety and hygiene are also essential points to brief your child before bringing home a pet.

Farm Tours

 There are several farms in Singapore where kids can see vegetables growing, feed the animals and cherish the wonders of nature. A visit to any type of farm (animal farm, vegetable farm or farmer’s market) is a fun and educational activity that will bring infinite joys to your child. It also provides sensory learning opportunities for kids as they begin to observe the environment and feel the different plants or animals. Such activities would also give them a head-start to scientific concepts such as the ecosystem, thus preparing them for school.


 The gardening trend has sprouted in the heartlands with several residents growing their own plants. Engage your child in the gardening process, from the planting the seeds to watering the plants. In this activity, your child will also learn about the importance of taking ownership for the plant and being patient. These invaluable skills have numerous benefits in the future.

Let’s save the Earth together

 Besides the flora and fauna, being an environmentalist also involves reducing one’s carbon footprint by lowering the energy usage. This can be demonstrated through recycling, reusing old materials, and even switching off the lights or computer when it is not being used. These green efforts go a long way in climate change and your budding environmentalists can play a huge role in saving the Earth.

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