3 reasons to put your child on a technology detox for the holidays

The school holidays are arriving. Now the children are home and have plenty of time on their hands. As we know, if left on their own, most children would not be seen without an iPad. Instead of allowing them to indulge in their iPad and laptops, it’s a great time to put them on a technology detox and have fun outdoors. One way to keep your child entertained is to register them for summer camps and classes.

Here are the perks of keeping your child engaged throughout the summer holidays.

Socialize with friends

Friends make an important component of one’s life, they are often our support, motivation and comfort. However, the curriculum at school can be mentally taxing with long hours of continuous lessons, that your child does not get to socialize enough with their friends. Take the opportunity of the school break to allow your child to have more fun with friends. Classes or camps over the holidays might not follow as strict a schedule as school and gives more leeway for friends to mingle and play. Have them talking face to face instead of engaging virtually over this holiday. Let your child build up interpersonal skills by playing and interacting with children of different age groups — you could possibly be grooming your own little networker!

Cultivate creativity by exposing them to new and different activities

It can feel repetitive when subjected to the same environment and topics repeatedly. The school holidays are the best time to explore new activities for your child. What traits are they exhibiting? A flair for the dramatics? Speech and drama workshops aplenty. A mini bookworm? Creative writing classes, here you come. Always never able to sit still? Gym time awaits. This is the chance for your child to be exposed to new exciting activities and experience learning which is not readily available in the school curriculum.

Zap up their energy productively

Idle minds can get up to quite some mischief, and to prevent your child from chalking up some naughtiness, going for activities over the break will definitely help. Heading for activities will help expand the energy that could otherwise lead to huge bouts of restlessness if not tapped into when staying at home all day.

With these activities, you can ease your worries that your child is not having a fulfilling holiday, or that they are idling around — holiday camps and activities take up a sizeable amount of time and also frees up your precious time. Recharge your child during the holiday and have them ready for school again in no time. Give their eyes a break from their technological devices by signing them up for fun summer camps.

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