Activity: Make Your Own Coloring Book At Home

You can now create your very own coloring book at home. It is fun, cost effective (or no cost!) and personalized to your liking. It is good for the mind and a way to develop your artistic skills. Here are a few ways which you can create your own book.

First, have a thought about the size you want but the recommended size is 8.5 x 11 inch. Choose a theme you like and indicate the page number. Typically coloring books feature bold, black-and-white pages. For this reason, if you’re working by hand, a large tip pen or a black marker are ideal media for creating your coloring book images. The pages can also be drawn digitally.

You can begin to draw freehand, or you can start with a pencil sketch. Once satisfied with a pencil sketch, you can add ink on top of your pencil guide. Erase any pencil lines from sketches thereafter. Scan your drawing, print and trim to size. Finally, bind the pages to form a book or punch the pages and secure with a ring binder so you can add more pages later. If you don’t have either of these, simply just staple the pages together. It is that easy!


To have more visually dramatic images, you can visit to upload your photo and transform it into a sketch. Upload your desired photo and click on Effects. You can apply the pencil sketch or abstract outlines. You can also click on Filters > Charcoal. The tip here is to use uncomplicated images so your image is clearer and easier to color. You can have outrages fun creating and editing images to suit your preference! Once done, save your images and print it out for your book.


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