Singapore’s Child Prodigies Who Hit The High Notes Internationally

 Does your child have a distinct voice or an ability to naturally play a classical tune with any instrument? These characteristics are the makings of a child prodigy. We list some young maestros who have impressed audiences internationally with their brilliance. These geniuses share one thing in common – they are all home-grown talent.

Samuel Tan

Even before his third birthday, Samuel had started playing the violin. His interest in the instrument was piqued when he chanced upon a classical orchestra performance shown on television. Surprised that their two-year-old had such a keen interest in music, his parents bought him a small violin and enrolled him for classes. The years of practice paid off as the nine-year-old eventually earned himself an international accolade. In 2014, this maestro emerged as a winner of the Andrea Postacchini international violin competition held in Italy, surpassing 130 veteran contestants from 39 countries.

Abigail Sin

Abigail is one whom you would call a natural at the piano. At the tender age of 4, during a Yamaha music appreciation class, she started displaying interests in the instrument. Her neighbours informed her parents of her incredible talent, which eventually prompted them to enter her into the School of Young Talents at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. The encouragement from her parents bolstered her confidence in the art. Her talent has been internationally recognised. At 10 years old, Time magazine called her a “bone fide prodigy”, and at 18 years old, she became the first Southeast Asian musician to be named a Young Steinway Artist.

Heegan Lee Szhen

Gifted with the ability to play any tune that he hears by memory, at just 5 years old, Heegan was named a Singaporean piano prodigy. Unaware about his talent, his parents signed him up for a basic course in piano when he was 4 years old. However, a year later, he stunned them by playing Mariage d’Amour by French pianist Richard Clayderman, purely out of his own memory of the tune. From then, his talent soared to the next level. At 26 years old, the Straits Times announced his plans to perform at the Carnegie Hall in New York City. He has also received The President’s Award at his school for outstanding talent and academic achievements.

Mikey Robinson

Mikey’s ability to charm with his voice began at the age of 4. Eager to encourage him further, his mother, who plays multiple instruments, signed him up for voice training courses. After 2 years, the gifted child performed on the international stage, including New York’s Carnegie Hall. He has also sung in several charity concerts in Singapore and Tokyo. His album, titled Boy Soprano, ranked one number one in Singapore on iTunes and also on the Indonesia iTunes classical chart.

Could your child be the next child prodigy?

It is undeniable that these prodigies got the chance to showcase their talents at the international stage with the support and encouragement from their parents. Children like them are known as musically intelligent. They can soar to great heights if parents recognise these talents, as early as possible.

Stay tuned for our next article where we share suitable programmes that can sharpen your child’s musical talents.

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