5 reasons why your mini Picasso will change the world

Art is an important aspect to a child’s education as the benefits of it is life long, and goes beyond just holding a crayon or scribbling with a marker pen. Here are some reasons to sharpen your child’s artistry:

1. Creativity

With technology advancing at rapid speed, your child will most likely enter a workforce that is powered by automated processes and artificial intelligence. This reinforces the need for the next generation to be creative and think out of the box. Art courses will help cultivate creativity by developing your child’s ability to think creatively. With practice, it will come naturally to them in the long run and help them conjure innovative solutions.

2. Confidence

Self-esteem is a major key to success in life. Developing a child’s confidence is extremely important to their long-term success and happiness. Art courses will boost your child’s confidence as they are pushed outside of their comfort zones, and encouraged to create masterpieces on their own. This will also develop their ability to take pride in their work.

3. Grit

Creating an artwork requires patience and continued practice. Over time, a child who practices art will develop perseverance, dedication and discipline. This strength in character will allow them to adapt to the changes in their environment, and empower them to constantly upgrade themselves and learn new skills.

4.Visual-spatial skills

Activities such as drawing, painting or sculpting with clay will develop children’s visual-spatial skills. Nurturing an appreciation for visual aesthetics has become increasingly important as the world operates around a vortex of icons, logos and other visual cues. Today, even a three-year-old is able to navigate using a smartphone, and this increases the need for parents to hone their visual skills to help them make sense of these visual cues so that they can navigate the world independently.

5. Focus

Through art, your child will develop their ability to focus. This is another keystone to success in life, as it is vital for the completion of any task at school or work. Many successful people attribute their triumphs to focus as well. Naturally, being involved in art will also sharpen their attention to different details, which is an added advantage.

Every child is an artist – Pablo Picasso

Parents are highly encouraged to let their children explore the world of art as it nurtures invaluable skills that can shape them for the future.

Stay tuned for our next article where we recommend art centres that can help take your child’s learning journey to the next level.

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