Priming Your Child For Success In School

As we know in Singapore, education is the fundamental key to your child’s success. Most parents believe that preparing for school consists of buying uniform, Read more.
Five fun nearby places for a getaway for the upcoming holidays

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Seven Fun & Creative Activities to Do in Singapore this Halloween

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Baby Swimming May Be More Beneficial to Your Child Than You Think

When your baby isn’t old enough to walk, it may seem silly to take them to the pool. But there are so many benefits to Read more.
Why Comic Art Should Be Taken More Seriously

Parents might raise concern about their children reading comics and graphic novels. However, researchers believe comic arts can bring them benefits in many ways. Here Read more.
7 Tips For Parents with their Kids’ Upcoming Major Exams

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7 Fun Things To Do During the September Holidays With Your Family in Singapore!

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10 critical life skills every parent needs to teach their kids

“Life skills” is a buzzword parents have heard about, but what kind of life skills should you teach your child? Read more.
Cubo baby monitor
This Parenting Gadget From Taiwan Is The Perfect Guardian For Your Kids

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, is being termed as the ‘sudden and unexpected death of a baby with no known illness’. This typically occurs Read more.
Strategies To Unleash The Inner Superstars In Your Child

Musical maestros are often thought be excellent in singing or playing a new instrument. While this is true, their talents may expand beyond the world Read more.
Where Your Child’s Imagination Comes Alive

Nurturing a talent for visual aesthetics is important for the development of your child. There are numerous benefits to learning art. To sharpen your child’s Read more.
This Is Why Positive Brain Development Is Important For Your Growing Child

We’ve all heard about the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Considering today’s ever-changing landscape of demands faceted from a globalized society, Read more.
Teach your child to be self-reliant

Overly dependent children? Inculcate in your children the value of self-reliance and independence which can be found in this article. Read more.
Skip the Selfies: The Psychological Effect of Social Media on Kids, and How Mamas Can Help

Educational Psychologist Danielle Seah explains the effect social media can have on kids…and parenting strategies to help support your children Read more.
Early childhood education is your child’s passport to success

Studies have shown that children who receive an early childhood education grow into responsible adults. Quality preschool programs equip them with lifelong skills that build Read more.
Parenting Advice: 5 Things Savvy Parents Pay Attention To

Being a parent is a big deal. Somehow, we manage to find 150% of our energy to give to our children. Yet, more and more Read more.
Sports for kids
Sports For Kids: Let Your Child Play  

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory states that there are a group of people who are “body smart” and have a gift for excelling in sports. If Read more.
The benefits of swimming for toddlers

The physical and mental advantages gained from swimming are well documented. It is a life skill that has health benefits all through life. Here are some key Read more.
Top 10 tips for cooking with kids

The smallest of hands can be surprisingly good in the kitchen, get those sleeves rolled up for some good cooking fun with your kids. Read more.
Your Toddler’s Language-Development Explosion

For many toddlers, language development takes off like a rocket at 18 months. Just like new walkers eventually become swift runners and clambering climbers, new Read more.
Weekend: 5 Kids Friendly Dining Places

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Visit, Explore and Learn

Looking for a meaningful yet educational weekend activity with your child? Make a visit to the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (LKCNHM) where it Read more.
The Guide To Cultivate A Genius  

There is no shortage of fun activities and programs available for kids these days. The question is – how do you ensure that these activities Read more.
Introvert-Friendly Cooperative Learning

A teacher in training shares three ideas she has picked up for how to make group work more inviting for introverts. Read more.
Lollipop Towel

Thinking of a creative and inexpensive gift for someone? Here’s what you can make using everyday towels, simple ribbons, a plastic wrapper, some tapes and Read more.
6 things you need to know about sports enrichment for kids in Singapore

Sports classes don’t just turn your kid from a couch potato to a jumping bean – their benefits extend from mental to social development, too. Read more.
Children and Music: Benefits of Music in Child Development

Singing and music play an important role in our culture. You’ll find music present in many aspects of our lives: theater, television, movies, worship, holidays, Read more.
Letter Activities for Preschoolers

Talking comes naturally to most tots. Reading, not so much. In fact, your little one probably has several years of practice ahead before she finally masters One Read more.
Why Push Toys Pay Off

When push comes to shove, push toys are a wonderfully worthy purchase. Here’s why. Read more.
5 Fast Facts About Your Child’s Brain

Knowledge is power. Help your child grow and learn by providing enriching experiences that boost brain development. Read more.
Activity: Giant Snakes and Ladders Game!

Make your own Snake and Ladder for a great family game night. Here are some easy steps to make your fun game with your family.  Read more.
Travel Tips And Tricks

Travelling with your kids can be a whole lot of fun or it could go so horribly wrong that you’ll need another holiday to recover Read more.
Why your child needs to play with other kids 

Interpersonal skills are crucial and key to a person’s long-term success, especially in their careers. These skills determine a person’s ability to relate to others, Read more.
Take a hike!

There are many interesting places in Singapore where your family and can go to, beyond just Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Pulau Ubin. Here are Read more.
How To Raise Nature Lover

An environmentalist is said to have a high degree of naturalist intelligence, as their keen interest in nature facilitates their ability to distinguish the many Read more.
June school holidays 2018: activities for kids

Planning for some June activities for your child? Besides enrichment classes, there’s a string of activities you and do together as a family at relatively Read more.
3 reasons to put your child on a technology detox for the holidays

The school holidays are arriving. Now the children are home and have plenty of time on their hands. As we know, if left on their Read more.
Ossia Music School June 2018 Holiday Programs

Ossia Music School has lined up 4 holiday programs for children from 2 years old onwards. Read on to find out what’s available for your Read more.
10 farm visits in Singapore with kids

Learn where food comes from, feed a goat, pet a rabbit or hang out with frogs! Honey Kids Asia has found 10 farm experiences in Read more.
Toddler Fun with Photos

It may not seem like it, but your child has been able to store and retrieve memories from the time she was six months of Read more.
Holiday Programs by EduGrove

K1 and K2 Guji Guji Mandarin Holiday Program (5-6 Y) Has your child ever wished she can create a different ending to her favorite story Read more.
Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is just round the corner. Show your appreciation to your mom with these hand made gifts with love.  Create something fun, unique and personal Read more.
Activity: Make Your Own Coloring Book At Home

You can now create your very own coloring book at home. It is fun, cost effective (or no cost!) and personalized to your liking. It Read more.
7 Brain Building Activities For Your Little Ones

According to Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory, there are a group of people who are logically and mathematically intelligent. Read more.
Nurturing Resilience In Children Through Sports

With the speed at which technology is advancing today, kids should learn to be resilient so that they can adapt to the challenges that lay Read more.
5 Highly Recommended Children’s Books in 2017

The books transported her into new worlds and introduced her to amazing people who lived exciting lives. She went on olden-day sailing ships with Joseph Read more.
Singapore’s Child Prodigies Who Hit The High Notes Internationally

Does your child have a distinct voice or an ability to naturally play a classical tune with any instrument? These characteristics are the makings of Read more.
5 reasons why your mini Picasso will change the world

Art is an important aspect to a child’s education as the benefits of it is life long, and goes beyond just holding a crayon or Read more.
How to cultivate your child to become a genius

Does your child doodle a lot, and have this unexplained acute sense of imagery? Or perhaps they seem to eloquently talk their way into getting Read more.